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genre: American Rock / Alt Country

from: Thomasville, GA / Tallahassee, FL

size: 5-piece band

appearances: Full Band or Acoustic

travel: Yes available to travel

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Pot Of GoldKimmer Rowe
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   Kimmer Rowe is an American Rock band with Country underpinnings.  Hailing from Thomasville, GA, the band's Southern roots reach deep into the rich soil of music that only the South is known for.  Anthemic melodies draped over layered guitar, the structure of a relentless rhythm section, and poignant songwriting have endeared the band to fans and listeners of all walks of life.
   Formed in 2009, Kimmer Rowe has been a perennial presence in the region's original music scene.  After a steady touring schedule under their belt, the band was enabled to work with legendary producers Ric Hordinsky (Phil Keagy, Over The Rhine, Sixpense None The Richer) and (the late) Dave 'Juicy' Roberts (W___ Cincinatti Radio).
   The band recently completed their 3rd studio project, "Honest To Grace", a collection of songs recorded live in-studio.  Reaching back to the roots of the culture from which they have emerged, the members decided to record the album in the traditions and techniques of Muscle Shoals and other great Southern studios, as well as influence from the Glyn Johns and others.  Analog tape, live takes, and real sounds.
   Kimmer Rowe is here!


                 Chris Hall- guitars, keys, various

                  James Hughes- guitars, vocals

                  Kyle Steele- guitars

                  Kelby Steele- bass, vocals

                  Dave Blackburn- drums

    "A fresh sound amid waves of indie bands washing ashore"    
                                                                                                            -Macon Telegraph

    "A unique and honest style"
                                                    -Playgrounds Magazine

upcoming live dates:
    August 14, 2021
    Thomasville Center For Performing Arts, Thomasville, GA

   October 15, 2021
    The Junction @ Monroe, Tallahassee, FL


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Honest To Grace

latest release:

(July 2021)

Kimmer Rowe Part 1
The Fall EP

previous releases:

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